Read Testimonials from Sources Familiar with Richard Milone’s Work

Matthew K. Tifft, NASCAR Cup Series Driver

“Richard Milone proved to be an invaluable attorney throughout our complex and emotional multi-million-dollar case. Not only did Richard successfully settle the case, but he also demonstrated a remarkable ability to uncover additional opportunities and issues for further settlement. His guidance and support were instrumental in helping me navigate the difficult memories associated with the case. Richard’s coaching, expert recommendations, and overall commitment were truly exceptional. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had someone of his caliber represent me, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of assistance with an insurance claim.”

Allen Koch, Executive Vice President, Precision Marshall Steel

“Our company was facing a multi-million dollar exposure in a complex area where we had little experience, and all of our insurers had either denied coverage, or were ignoring us. Richard Milone was recommended as an expert at litigation and negotiation against insurance companies, and his entrance on the scene was a game changer. The arguments that Richard made, combined with the threat of litigation, brought the insurers to the table and enabled us to settle the exposure entirely with insurer funding, and without the need to sue the insurers. Our team did not think that such a result was possible, but Richard was confident from the outset that he could achieve this result, and he came through. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.”

Kasey Kahne, NASCAR Cup Series Driver

“Richard Milone was recommended by my agent as one of the top insurance recovery lawyers in the country, and he proved that he is exactly that. He helped us resolve a complex, substantial claim in an efficient manner. Richard’s knowledge of the law, attention to detail, good judgment, and his experience in negotiating with insurance companies all were very valuable in achieving a successful result.”

Kevyn Orr, Partner in Charge, Washington DC Office, Jones Day

“I have had the pleasure of working directly with Richard on several insurance-related projects. His insight, analytical ability, and quality of his work is exceptional. The depth of his understanding of insurance contracts and their terms and his attention to detail and creative problem solving creates a value for clients which consistently exceeds expectations. I am happy to strongly recommend him for any problem in this subject area.”

Matthew Cannata, General Counsel of Income Research + Management

“Richard Milone was instrumental in assisting our firm with our understanding of the technicalities and nuances of insurance coverage. His experience, professionalism, and overall demeanor were the key elements that yielded a solid grasp of a subject area that can be complicated and dense. Richard was always available to provide understandable answers to difficult questions. His knowledge of the insurance landscape is paramount. Richard is highly recommended.”

Jeffrey Ronaldi, Member, Oakmar Capital, LLC

“I have known Richard Milone for over 20 years. On our first project together, Richard took his time to study all the open issues and came back with a plan that resulted in a very favorable jury verdict. Since then, we have worked together on a number of other successful projects, and I always have found Richard to be incredibly diligent, smart, and honest. I look forward to working with Richard again and highly recommend him to anyone looking for high-quality legal work.”

Dr. Nicholas J. Cory

“Richard Milone was hired to defend my organization and me personally against false advertising and other claims seeking $19.7 million, brought by a tenacious plaintiff represented by a major Seattle law firm. Our insurer initially denied coverage, but Richard convinced the insurer to reverse course and pay our costs of defense, and then proceeded to defend the lawsuit himself. He won the case on summary judgment, sparing us a potentially lengthy trial, and then successfully briefed and argued the case on appeal. At every step Richard mounted an aggressive and strategic defense of our interests, and obtained the best possible outcome – complete victory, and defense fees fully paid by insurance.

I shall always be grateful for his service.”

Jonathan Terrell, President, KCIC Consulting

“I have worked with Richard Milone in my capacity as a consultant and expert witness for almost 18 years. There are many qualities about him that I have grown to admire in him as a lawyer and later, as a friend. First, he listens, really listens. While he may not alway agree, he wants to make sure he has thought through every angle and potential argument so as to be prepared to the maximum. Second he is careful. This extends to actually reading the relevant cases, and meticulously preparing me as a witness. Every expert wants to testify effectively, and thorough preparation is a pre-requisite to do so. Finally, Mr. Milone brings intelligence and experience. There is not much in the coverage world that he has not seen, and he gets his lively mind through the most complex problems with strategic insight.”

Albert Girod, Member, SSL Services, LLC

“Richard has served as inside counsel and advisor to our company with respect to the enforcement of patents in the secure technology space. He devised and implemented innovative, creative fee agreements with outside litigation counsel and third party funders that proved invaluable. From the beginning Richard immersed himself in the technology and the legal issues, providing insightful guidance at every stage. When achieving an eight-figure settlement with one of the top technology companies in the world, Richard was an extremely tough and aggressive negotiator, achieving a deal that surpassed our expectations. I cannot say enough about his skill, judgment, integrity, and commitment to his clients.”

John G. Froemming, Co-Leader of Intellectual Property Litigation, Jones Day

“I have known Richard for nearly thirty years, and his ability to hold insurers to their contracts has often been an asset to my own intellectual property litigation practice. He has a deep knowledge of insurance law, is a tough negotiator, thinks many steps ahead, and brings a strategic perspective when using insurance as a means to advance clients’ business objectives. As just one example, in a recent matter he leveraged three insurers to settle a complicated exposure on terms that greatly surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend his insurance law capability and skill set.”

Chambers USA – The Following Are Examples of Client Testimonials Published Over the Past Ten Years

“Richard Milone is a very diligent and knowledgeable attorney who’ll do the best possible job for his clients”

“a fabulous lawyer”

“an expert in the field,”

“you feel that he is there to protect you, especially when dealing with insurers and their arsenal of lawyers.”

Albert Girod, Member, SSL Services, LLC

“I cannot say enough about his skill, judgment, integrity, and commitment to advancing his clients’ interests.”

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