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Business Income Insurance for Covid-19 - One Year Later

We now have passed the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 crisis, and many businesses have pursued Business Income insurance claims for revenue lost due to the pandemic.

Strategy and Pricing for Resolving COVID-19 Insurance Claims

As businesses continue to lose revenue due to COVID-19 closures, the insurance industry has taken a no-pay approach to Business Interruption, Civil Authority, and related insurance claims.

Should Businesses Submit “Notice of Circumstances” to Their Insurers of Potential Covid-19 Liabilities?

As the world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, the most pressing insurance questions concern first-party Business Interruption coverage for staggering amounts of lost income.

Business Interruption Insurance for COVID-19 and CORONAVIRUS Losses

The attorneys at Milone Law Firm have thirty years’ experience representing commercial policyholders against property and casualty insurers, and we hope that this summary will help policyholders to formulate their claims and to differentiate myth from facts.

Solving the “Former Sub” Problem In Insurance Settlements

When settling long tail insurance claims involving product liability, toxic tort, or environmental claims, one of the most difficult challenges is how to handle the rights of the policyholder’s former subsidiaries.

Our own insurer just sued us – Why would they do that, and what should we do now?

The most common structure of an insurance coverage lawsuit involves the filing of a complaint by a policyholder against one or more insurers.

Insurance Coverage Considerations for Qui Tam and FCA Claims

False Claims Act (FCA) and Qui Tam matters cost companies massive amounts each year. Insurance coverage for these costs is available for both the defense costs and liabilities associated with these type of claims, but unfortunately insurers do not step up and offer coverage without a fight.

Insurance Coverage for Social Engineering Crimes – How to Avoid Being Victimized Twice

Among the fastest growing risks to any business are social engineering attacks, also known as business email compromises, in which a company’s employees are tricked into misrouting funds by an email from a criminal imposter.

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